Welcome to Pyplis

Official website of Pyplis, a Python software containing algorithms and analysis routines for UV SO2 camera data. Apart from the API documentation, this website includes additional relevant information about the software (e.g. installation details, access of example data) as well as useful practical information that helps getting started with Pyplis.

A paper introducing the software is published in the Journal Geosciences (MDPI). If you find Pyplis useful for your analysis, we highly appreciate if you acknowledge our work by citing the paper.


Screenshot of the Pyplis paper. Please acknowledge our work by citing the paper.

The software can be downloaded from the Github page or installed via PyPi using:

pip install pyplis

from the command line.


Calibrated SO2 column density image showing 2 plume cross section lines and the position of the FOV of a co-located DOAS instrument.

Click here to see a video showing an animation of Mt. Etna SO2 emissions recorded on 16/09/2015


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